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Playgroup Stories

Playgroups are all about creating unforgettable experiences for children, parents and carers. And with hundreds of playgroups across NSW, there are plenty of stories to be told!

Whether we are celebrating a special holiday or just attending a regular day at a local playgroup, our volunteers and members make the most of the time they spend together. Children are actively engaged in meaningful activities, parents socialise, friendships are born and smiles are shared - and this section is dedicated to showing you the joy of attending playgroup. 

Join us in our journey to discover the beauty of every playgroup!

  • Emily Barton

    Mon 14-Mar-16

    More than 500 children from along the South Coast flocked through the gates of Mogo Zoo on Friday for a Playgroup NSW event celebrating National Playgroup Week.

  • Playgroup NSW

    Thu 04-Jun-15


    2014 brought about the rise back from the brink of non-existence for the Lake Albert Playgroup. With a lot of hard work, support from the local government and introduction of a development officer role to the local region by Playgroup NSW, Lake Albert is now a flourishing example of playgroup success.

  • Playgroup NSW

    Thu 07-May-15

    Hamilton South Playgroup has had its share of challenges over the years. About 18 months ago the committee undertook a number of improvements, now they are thriving. The playgroup recently undertook the final phase of these improvements with extensive assistance from the Cardiff Men's Shed.


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