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Categories: Repetitive and Restrictive Behaviours

Children with ASD may engage in certain types of stimming behaviours, and spinning can be one of them. In this section you can learn some activities you can use to introduce them to new types of physical play.

Charlotte is often seen spinning around and twirling. Other children do not know how to respond, so she is often left out of group play during the children’s free time.

Why does this happen?

Vestibular stimming behaviours include spinning, twirling and body rocking. These movements affect the vestibular sensory system and, like other stimming behaviour, may provide a necessary sensory input and help children with ASD feel alert, calm or to stay organised.

What can I do?

Children such as Charlotte require close supervision because of their increased risk of falls and bumping into objects.
Enable Charlotte to change positions frequently during activities so she can gain the input she requires whilst engaging in group activities - for example changing between sitting, kneeling, lying down, jumping, standing, etc.

Play activities

  • Wheelbarrow races

  • Physical and outdoor activities

  • Pretend play – packing and carrying grocery items in a bag

  • Tug-of-war

  • Pushing and pulling heavy loads in a small wagon. This may include toys, sand or even other children!

  • Playing with beanbags – throw and catch activities


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