10 fun and easy Christmas craft projects for kids

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Making things together is a great way to spend time with your child(ren) in holiday season. Give it a try with your child with our 10 fun and easy Christmas craft projects for kids.

1. Cute birdhouse ornaments

These sweet handmade birdhouse ornaments are so cute. They will probably be your favourite new DIY heirloom! Via Kiflies Levendula



2. Paper village

It’s good to teach your child to recycle things. Give those cardboard tubes around a house a new breath by creating a tabletop village for display this festive period. Via Crafts By Amanda



3. Wreath biscuits

The sky is the limit when it comes to fancying up these simple and delicious little biscuits! Via Taste



4. Woolly wreath ornaments

Everything is better in miniature, especially if you make it woolly, too! This will make a great Christmas gift to friends and families as well. Via Christopher and Tia




5. Personalised angels

Whip up a classic angel with your child, or put her face on one to create a keepsake! Via Arty Crafty Kids



6. Paper plates Christmas characters

Who would have thought that a paper plate could transform into something so jolly adorable?! Via Kix Cereal



7. Drinking straw Christmas trees

Utilize your colourful party paper straw to create a candy-striped Christmas tree decoration. Your guests will be thrilled when they see this. Via Crafts By Courtney



8. Pom pom pinecones

Do you love collecting pine cones? Well, you can make use of them now in this easy-yet-colourful fuzzy project. Via One Little Project



9. Christmas trees by popsicle sticks

If your child love sparkle and colour, give these popsicle stick Christmas trees a go! While simple, this is a wonderful activity where your kids can use their creativity to create some unique crafty Christmas magic. Via Arty Crafty Kids



10. Glitzy snowflake 

More popsicle sticks! This time glue them to form a snowflake and let your child have fun with those precious sparkles! Via Toddler Approved





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Fantastic range of fun and toddler/preschooler friendly crafts. Thank you so much for compiling these! Now I can be a fun mum.

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