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Playgroup Support

A major focus of Playgroup NSW is providing support, guidance and tools to help ensure the success of new and established Playgroups. This support is comprised of highly trained staff who visit Playgroups, our Member Support team who are a phone call or email away and extensive resources available to all our affiliated Playgroups.

Ways Playgroup NSW can help your group:

  • Playgroup NSW Manual provides guidance on running a playgroup. If you coordinate a playgroup, contact us to be emailed a PDF of the manual or we can send you a hard copy.
  • tools to help you run your playgroup
  • locating suitable venues , negotiating with venue owners and getting a lease organised
  • promotional materials to increase awareness about your playgroup and recruit new members
  • training and support to playgroup committees
  • playgroup starter kits including toys, and other resources
  • great ideas for play activities and structure

Supporting Playgroup Committees

We can help you learn about how to start a playgroup, run a playgroup, volunteering skills and other helpful information. We do this through our resources, over the phone support, training and playgroup visits.

We also have helpful documents for our members including the Treasurer’s handbook, playgroup day book and more. Contact us to order your copies.

Member Support is always available

Offering quick and effective support and information, our playgroup and member support team are available Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm on 1800 171 882 or you can send us your inquiry.

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